Monday, May 18, 2009

Quote from : Atashinchi no Danshi / アタシんちの男子

From Episode 2

"I tried to blame my misfortune on other people,
And I always thought, "This is not the real me"
Living like that is pretty tiring you know?
Everyday is hard and painful,
I just started hating everything,
I never thought I'd have a future,

Alone, I would have never learn that,
If you take one step forward, the world will change!
... maybe"

-- Mineta Chisato

How hateful life can be by blaming everything on others. The future can never be sure of. The one step we take might change the world, it might also not. We never know. There's 50% of chance. We might as well take that 50% opportunity rather than wasting it, no?

Care to take a step with me? it will change our world or the world even.


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