Sunday, May 17, 2009

Introduction Post

I love Asian Dramas. But top of the lot would be Japanese Dramas. They hold special position in my heart. I do watch Korean, Taiwan dramas, but still I found Japanese dramas to be the cream of the crops if entertainment+inspiration+life lesson+inspiring-quotes are concerned. Not only that I found Jdramas to have more variance of plot and storylines, even the light, silly dramas often has gems in form of inspiring quote and lesson about life in mostly every episodes.

True, Korean Dramas also has its shares but they're minimal as compared to Jdramas. This is by no way a win-lose comparison post as people would find pleasure in different sources and medias and I admit myself that Korean dramas has its own distinct standard entertainment values to boot with perfect eyecandies, sometimes the same storyline with different title and we still seems to enjoy and all, overreaching romance (ha!for us to dream lol); which I myself found pleasure in that! ;)

Just that this blog is about the philosophical soul of jdramas which are often filled with numerous life lesson I found precious that are most prevalent in jdramas as compared to Korean dramas, Taiwan Dramas, Chinese Dramas etc of the Asian drama pool.

And most often can we see that the Japanese surely take pride in 'working hard' as there are lots of dramas with its central theme of 'working hard'; which I call a ganbaru theme!

When my time permits, I love to post some of the quotes I find beautiful, or motivating or might even be a downer but reflecting the reality which we can take as a motivation to improve etc. I will also throw in my favourite quote be it funny or ridicolous which is not strictly an inspiring quote.

I've been an avid watcher of jdramas for about >7 years. It might not be possible to list everything I did found beautiful in dramas I've watched, so I'll mostly focus on the new dramas I'm watching. If I'm on a rewatching sprees of my old drama colection, I might as well post the quotes up.

Whatever it is, I humbly welcome you to this currently
not-much-content of my online space I dotingly call


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